Why Us?

Information Technology and Information Security can be difficult to make sense of. There are lots of products, consultants and people providing services in the industry so why would you want to choose us?

Security Focused Expertise
Information Technology professionals are somewhat like doctors in the sense that there are specialists and there are generalists. In the same way that there are general medicinal practitioners, there are generalised IT consultants that provide a wide array of offerings. In contrast, there are specialists that focus their attention on a very specific subset of Information Security and our devoted focus is IT Security. This focus allows us to concentrate on the industry and evolving threats and techniques and allows us to spot security threats that others may miss.

See One Systems is a very lean and mean organization, and runs in a bootstrapped manner with as little overhead as humanly possible. With a smaller overhead than many organizations we are able to offer a much more competitive rate that makes our services much more accessible.

Customer Service
See One Systems is comprised of a very small group of invested staff that are committed to providing the best possible experience for all of our clients. We do not send Junior Associates to perform the work, but trained and accredited professionals that will ensure that your needs are met and you receive the highest quality work possible.