An important part of any organizations information security strategy is training staff to effectively spot threats. End-users are exposed to an increasing number of threats on a daily basis, and providing employees with the appropriate tools to deal with those threats serves an important purpose.

Why Should you Train Your Staff?

End-users are often seen as easy targets for actors attempting to compromise a network. A single malicious email attachment or website link is all it takes to gain a foothold in a network. Teaching employees to spot a phishing email, or identify when they might have accessed a malicious website can make the difference between nothing happening, and a successful attack.

How does the Process Work?

Prior to the training we'll sit down with your staff and assemble an agenda for the training. We'll put together a fun, interactive and educational training that will engage staff.

Some common items that organizations like to train their employees on are :

  • Spotting malicious attachments
  • How to spot phishing emails