Threat Risk Analysis


A Threat Risk Analysis (or TRA) is a detailed overview as to potential risks that might strike your organization, the likelihood of that risk occuring and mitigation steps. A Threat Risk Analysis provides an organization with valuable insight as to which threats may occur and pinpoint risks that have a high probability of occuring and allocate resources to reduce the impact to the organization should that risk occur.

Why Should You Do Threat Risk Analysis?

Different organizations will be exposed to different threats and risks. Organizations with offices in areas known for earthquakes are far more likely to experience that natural disaster than those without offices in those areas. A company that deals with financial transactions are more likely to experience targetted cyber attacks than a charitable organization.

A Threat Risk Analysis will allow an organization the ability to focus its efforts on risks that it is more likely to experience, and focus less efforts on those that are unlikely to occur.

How does the Process Work?

The Threat Risk Analysis process that See One Security offers is very technically focused, though the concepts can be expanded to the entire organization for any number of risks. During the process we sit down with your organization and enumerate potential risks that are posed to your organization and the potential for each risk of occuring and the impact it could have.

Once it's been determined which risks pose the greatest threat to the organization, we assess what mitigating controls have been put into place to address the risks. If there are insufficient controls in place to remdiate the risks, we will work with your organization to determine how we can better protect the organization.