About Us

Our elevator pitch is that our mission is "To make the internet a safer place for everyone", but the process is not so simple. The question then becomes, how do we simplify something that is inherently complicated? Here is our approach.
System Auditing
At the forefront of Information Security is the technology that processes and stores that information. Reviewing and testing the configurations and setups of that technology is a critical piece of the puzzle. We perform audits of system by trying to break into the systems ourselves, running vulnerability scans, reviewing configurations and network topology.
In today's modern world, it's no longer prudent to plan for the best - it's essential. Sooner or later, odds are that every organization will experience a breach in their security systems. Designing a secure network, following best practices and having a plan in place in the event of a compromise can be the difference between a serious event and a blocked attempt at stealing your organization's data.
User Awareness
It's been said that professional hackers don't hack computers, they hack people. People are a crucial cog in organizations and if those people are indifferent, or are unaware on how to spot threats then attackers will continue to prey on those individuals. We believe that user awareness is extremely important and we strive to educate people in all of our engagements.